Our History

the beginning


In 1998, approximately 20 men and women, armed only with a determination to obey God at any cost and a genuine desire to see God’s will manifested, earnestly began to seek the Lord for direction and instruction.  The small group labored unceasingly in prayer and birthed the, yet unnamed, ministry in the living room of Frankie and Ed Wheeler.

The fellowship continued in prayer and it was determined that four men would be appointed as elders:  John Murley, Ed Wheeler, James Knox and Charlie Reynolds.  Shortly thereafter, one of the founding members, Anne Brown, received a word from the Lord that the name of the Body would be called KOINONIA, meaning fellowship that brings a blessing.  The Lord continued to reveal Himself to Koinonia and sent a dynamic word that crystallized the vision of the church:

This is to be a church NOT ordinary
Not a church to sing a song
Pray a prayer
Preach a sermon
And then go home.
It is to be a hospital
A place where miracles are common!
Where love flows
And the presence of God is ever present.


Thus, the vision rested on the shoulders of the Body and they sought the leadership under a shepherd who would share in this great assignment.  The Lord responded faithfully and presented Apostle Cedric Taylor and Prophetess Miranda Taylor to navigate the ministry according to His divine purpose.

Pastor Cedric and Miranda’s leadership has been earmarked by a spirit of excellence.  Under their leadership the young church  moved its weekly services from the Farmington Gates Apartments Clubhouse to Woodland Hills Country Club.  The membership began to increase and before long it became necessary to move again-this time to our current location at 10525 Macon Road.

Today, Koinonia Christian Center (KCC) is a thriving ministry where active prayer remains as the cornerstone, KCC offers multiple services and supports the evangelistic efforts of many ministries worldwide.  Our Pastors are servant leaders and they have crafted ministries to meet the needs of the church, as well as, accommodate the needs of the community beyond the four walls of the church.

Always sensitive to the leading of the Holy Ghost, our Pastors actively embody the love of God and imitate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by interceding on behalf of the Body.  They also ensure that every biblical resource is employed to develop and mature people so that we can live victorious lives.