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Grad School in View

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This school year, I started off really apprehensive. I was emotionally exhausted. I got word (we’ll, another word) about going to grad school and I just wasn’t ready to return to the classroom as a teacher or a student.
The school year started with more fights and big personalities than usual, but those students seemed to move away or switch schools early on. The students that remained were (for the most part) easygoing and tolerable. In terms of grad school, I get a break and can’t apply until after I complete this year of teaching. I’m just thankful that my feelings don’t actually reflect what is to come.

Favor through the Storm

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The storm came and tore up some stuff in our newly built sub-division. Whole Air Conditioning  and Heating units blown off of their foundations and such...BUT GOD!  No damage to our household. We just had to get the trash cans out of the backyard and put them back in place.  HALLELUJAH!!

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