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Relationship Restored

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I've been praying and struggling about the relationship with my father due to past issues.  God is turning everything around and is restoring my Father and my relationship and trust.  It's getting so much better that my father asked to keep my children for Spring break and God moved in me and I said, "yes!"  Thank God for restoring relationships!!  We (my father, stepmother and I) stayed up talking Friday night until 2 am.  It turned into me ministering to them.  So much that when we got up Saturday morning, my stepmother hugged me and said thank you for last night!  Only God could have done this.  I am so overwhelmed and in love with MY FATHER!  ALL GLORY TO GOD!

in Favor

God Playing Favorites

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I want to testify about God's goodness.  I believe I am His favorite daughter.  This week and last week, I have gone out to eat and a stranger paid for my food.  I don't know who did it, but I thank God for favor anyhow!  Praise God!

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