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Supernatural Promotion!!!

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This is the 1st part of my awesome testimony.  Thank you Pastor for praying for me and with me about my supernatural promotion.  I have been believing God for a promotion on my job.  The person I have been waiting on to retire for over a year finally gave his retirement date and his supervisor contacted my supervisor asking was I still interested in the position.  This position would supplement both jobs financially.  I thank God for this opportunity because I know I'm not qualified but chosen.  I have favor with my managers and they are all very supportive for my growth.  I thank you all again and stay tuned for part 2 of the details.

It's in the Atmosphere!!!!

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Whenever we had visitors (Mason, Timmons, Presley) they kept saying "It's in the atmosphere".  So when one of our church families were told to buy a house they couldn't afford, I figured buying a house in general was out of my budget, so why not?!  Members of our church family connected me to my realtor.  She referred me to a loan officer and I did an application.  I went to a homebuyer's course on November 17th and saw the house on November 18th (as prophesied in the KCC GroupMe).  I made an offer that day and closed on the house December 21st.  By the grace of God, I am a 24 year old homeowner.  Y'all are invited once we unpack.