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Grace and Favor

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#1) I was promoted Monday to a position that one year ago I was afraid to apply for.  It was so easy because I have overcome the fear that held me back.
#2) Wednesday, my daughter was told that class had been suspended so I began looking for flights.  Before I was able to find a flight, she called me back and told me a friend's Mom said she'll pay for the flight.  Thank God for His favor!

God Showed Out Again!

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Our son is in transition to a new school for middle and high.  We have been blessed to send him to private school through elementary because of an income based scholarship.  I knew his school offered a scholarship for the remainder of his schooling, but I wasn't sure of the amount.  But after praying and considering several schools, I'm happy to say God showed out again.  Our son will be attending Memphis University School (MUS) for middle and high school.  The tuition for this school is normally $22,000 a year, but we will only have to pay $600 a year.

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