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Negative Biopsy

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Doctors found spots on my Mom's skin that they believed to be skin cancer.  After getting a biopsy done, the results came back negative for skin cancer!  Praise God!

Please Don't Pass Me By

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Family, the word for the week was to shut your mouth.  Two weeks ago, Pastor First Lady prayed for my promotion.  So this week, Monday, Tuesday walking down the hallway, I overhear two ladies say "Grylll, I got my promotion."  Then Wednesday, Thursday, I went into the chapel, got on my knees, prayed and asked the Lord, "please, don't pass me by."  Friday the 14th (Valentine's Day), God made me His own special Valentine and I was called for my promotion as a phlebotomist.  God let me know He is faithful.  Thank you Jesus.

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