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All Praise to Our Healer and Deliverer!!!

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I went up for prayer for back pain last week. When the pastors laid hands on my back, I felt something changing and the pain left. Later that day, I went shopping and was in the store for over an hour without having to find something to lean or sit on. Then I went home and cooked/washed dishes without having to sit on my stool. Praise God! I gave my testimony on Thursday’s prayer call and afterwards the pain came back. I immediately took authority of the pain and my body and commanded the pain to go in the name of Jesus. It left and has not returned. I give ALL praise to our Healer & Deliverer, God our Father. He is faithful and deserves all the honor and glory and all the praise. Hallelujah!!!

Another $5 miracle

On New Year Eve’s Service, my husband and I gave the $5 offering for our son. He received a check in the mail for $262.00 the very same week. He needs to be here to give this testimony, but I decree and declare he is going to be here in 2019.