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Prophecy for Marketplace Ministry

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Can I tell it? The job that I was blessed with (so I didn’t have to travel anymore) was starting to look like a curse. People were leaving left and right. One key person in my area left and when she did, we saw all the cracks in our area.  Apostle Taylor told me my assignment there would be over soon. However (to me) not soon enough, so I told them I was leaving. Pastor Miranda told me to take it back because there was more for me to do before God would release me.  So I took it back.  We got some help for my area as I got promoted.  However, a model was built.  I got asked questions about it that I couldn’t answer, but I had a board meeting (to prepare for). But God! The day before our board meeting, the lady who was helping our area did a summary which answered all questions.  Also, I got invited to the meeting and sat at the table with Executives and didn’t have to say a word. (This was a prayer that I prayed 15 minutes before the meeting).
I am grateful for Apostle & Pastor for being examples of “Marketplace Ministry”!