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Sowing Pays Off... for REAL

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I thank God for always providing for me and my family.  This month was a hard month financially.  BUT GOD!!  I didn't know how I was going to pay my rent, but I knew I HAD to pay my tithes.  Well last Sunday, Pastor Miranda told us to sow extra in the service.  I gave my last, trusting in God alone.  On Tuesday, my rent was paid in full.  Not only that, on Thursday, I got blessed with $100.00.  God keeps showing me that He has me for Real.  Just be obedient and keep praising Him through, no matter what it seems like.  WON'T HE DO IT!!

Testimonies Just Keep Coming

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1. After the insurance company denied the claims from my husband's fall twice, we contacted the insurance company.  They said if we provided a letter stating two things, they will process the claims.  We turned in the letter and they are processing the claims according to our benefits.  This is a $108,995.27 miracle. 

2. Pastor spoke on how the wife taking the husband's role in marriage is witchcraft.  This has been something I have really had to submit to and close the door on since I spent the majority of our marriage trying to be in a role I was never meant to walk in.  Since my husband fell from the roof, things have greatly changed.  Supernatural progression and acceleration has been our portion.  It's as if hitting his head on that concrete was necessary in unlocking even more of what the Lord designed him to do and all the prophesy spoken over him.  Not only that, but it has taught me so much about my role as his wife.  The last few weeks especially, my husband has really stepped up even more.  He took care of getting everything ready to file taxes and for the house we close on in less than 2 weeks.  Its been incredible and an absolute answer to my prayers.  We even spoke recently about how he felt like the last couple of years, he was trying to catch up to me spiritually.  Well, guess what?!  Not anymore!!  He is spiritually ahead leading our family!  I couldn't be more proud of him!  Praise God for the amazing testimonies we have received over the last year since stepping foot into this house!  Won't He do it!!!

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