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Say Yes

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On 1/16/2020, the Lord used Pastor to speak unto me and say that "they will come to me about being a part of a team or project and say yes."  On 2/4/20, I received an email to be a part of the Regulatory Compliance team.  This is a new team made up of people from the various OpCos (Operating Companies).  I just say thank you, Lord!

in Favor

Complete Healing!!!!

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In 2001, I was diagnosed with Lupus and confined to a wheelchair for 2 years.  I've also been diagnosed with scleroderma, diabetes, acid reflux (where I slept in chair for a couple of months), vascular necrosis, neuropathy, hypertension (200 over 200), and Raynaud syndrome (blue fingertips)...BUT GOD!  When people ask me how I'm feeling, I just laugh because I know how God has healed me. 

I got a call and my doctor asked me to see an oncologist.  Blood cancer was thought to be the diagnosis and I had all the symptoms.  God told me not to tell anyone.  Three weeks ago sitting in Baptist Regional Cancer Center, I called in to the prayer call.  Pastor was saying favor ain't fair.  I thought I'm going to believe the report and then Pastor said, "Believe the report of the Lord".  The doctor came in and said no cancer!

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